Take a look through Nicki’s Pre-Symptoms / Health Challenges.
What jumps out for you?
At then beginning of our programs with our clients, we like to get clear on exactly what health challenges we are facing. Where the links are, causation and the process of putting strategies and steps in place.
Nicki: “I had a 10+ year history of an eating disorder when I reached out to Jack. I’d spent a lot of money on various nutrition coaches hoping they would be able to help me improve my fitness, body composition and then I would feel happier.
That didn’t happen and I had become obsessive over training, had a complete fear of not training and I was unable to enjoy good food without guilt and an array of other symptoms. I regularly binged, never felt satisfied after eating, had adult acne, poor bowel habits and my ceiling of potential in my training was significantly limited.”
We won’t keep you in too much suspense! You can find out how Nicki did on the Health Restoration Program by reading her Case Study here.
If you have any questions that you’d like to ask us or would love to schedule a Discovery Call or Clinic Visit then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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