Testimonial – Claire’s Decade of Numerous Doctors, Diets and Programs

Claire’s Testimonial has provided us with some great stand-out ‘sound-bites’ here.
We specialise in working with people who have chronic, ongoing health challenges, where there has been no lack of effort and motivation, yet a lack of progress and success thus far.
Read Claire’s Testimonial below, but first…… Does this scenario resonate?:
– Where previous test after test comes back normal.
– Where certain foods are ‘demonised’ without considering the ‘why’.
– Where the ‘it’s all in your head’ statements and language, amazingly still exist!
– Where the dogmatic one-size-fits-all ‘healthy’ diet is rolled out time after time.
– Where there is no time spent on putting a real process in place.
– Where the individual nature of the challenge is ignored.
If so, I think you’ll be interested in Claire’s experience and insight here.
My situation was desperate when I first started working with Jack Walton. I had been suffering from a list of symptoms for over a decade and had been to numerous Drs, specialists and alternative practitioners, costing me a fortune with no answers.
My Doctors told me I was an anxious young women and to go on anti-depressants, which I didn’t, but did have to take sleeping pills. I was also previously diagnosed by an alternative practitioner with adrenal fatigue which seemed to make sense as all my symptoms seemed to point to that, I had to give up sugar and caffeine which was awful as I’ve always had a sweet tooth and as I was always fatigued, needed my caffeine fix!
I did this for nearly two years and being me did it completely, no cheating. I was also put on a regular eating plan of every 3 hours lots of greens, brown grains, nuts and lean meat and oily fish. I did all this but still was suffering from all my symptoms. And my gut was getting worse. Bloating, wind and pain in my chest. One day I thought I was having a heart attack!
I had given up with the Drs, who had basically washed their hands of me. Then I came across Jack through my mum who had who had been really ill and had had some amazing results. I felt reluctant at first having spent so much money in the past with no results, but deep down it felt right.
Jack did tests and found stuff going on in my gut which were never picked up before even though I’d had similar tests previously. Jack coached me nutritional approach that was so different to what I had called a healthy diet I had before. There were great strategies around sugar, caffeine and beyond that alleviated the fatigue, tummy aches and jitters!
I had a weekly meeting with Jack for 3 months to guide me through my ups and downs, tweak my diet plans, along with supplements and gut restoration steps. Alongside changing lifestyle and approach to exercise.
The progress was steady and gradual. I was soon feeling better than I’d felt in years. My stomach was not bloating, with less pain and no wind. At last this embarrassing problem was going, my energy levels were rising, anxiety reducing and I was sleeping much better.
I think that everybody should work with Jack. You cannot put a price on your health!
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