Testimonial Decade

Testimonial – Claire’s Decade of Numerous Doctors, Diets and Programs

Claire’s Testimonial has provided us with some great stand-out ‘sound-bites’ here.   We specialise in working with people who have chronic, ongoing health challenges, where there has been no lack of effort and motivation, yet a lack of progress and success thus far.   Read Claire’s Testimonial below, but first…… Does this scenario resonate?:  […]

H pylori

Not An H pylori Issue

Here at the Functional Health Clinic, we are often contacted by people with gut health challenges. From acid reflux, bloating, abdominal pain, constipation etc.   When there has been a health and medical history of acid reflux, heartburn, gastritis, stomach pain and endoscopy procedures – there’s often a valid consideration that a bacterial infection called[…]

Helicobacter pylori Lab Test

Helicobacter pylori Lab Test

We see Helicobacter pylori or H.pylori bacteria come back on many of the Gut Health Lab Tests that we run. If you’ve ever had heartburn, acid reflux, stomach pain, had an Endoscopy or taken Triple Therapy (Antibiotics, PPIs) you’ll probably be aware of it.   Interestingly there are some quite opposing views regarding the importance[…]

PPIs versus low digestive capacity

PPIs versus Low Digestive Capacity [CASE STUDY]

Everything has an inherent pro and con, advantage and disadvantage.   Supplement, Food, medication, Exercise etc.   So what do you do if you are taking a medication that is suppressing your digestive capacity – yet some of your health challenges and nutrient deficiencies may be related to poor digestive capacity?   It’s a tricky[…]

Alleviating IBS

Testimonial – Alleviating 4 Years of IBS

  Lorena contacted the Functional Health Clinic for help with alleviating IBS symptoms related to chronic health challenges that she had been experiencing for the last 4 years.   She’d been diagnosed by her Dr with IBS, but there had been limited progress so far.    The challenge with the IBS term is that it[…]

Upper Back Pain

Injury and Upper Back Pain

Here’s a brief overview of our approach to solving this kind of injury and upper back pain at the Functional Health Clinic:   Check out the three images as we go through.   PRE – My client came in to clinic with an 8-9/10 high level stabbing and constant pain in their upper back (left[…]

CBC Lipid Panel

CBC Lipid Panel

Have you ever run a blood test to look at your Lipids? What did you find? How were the results interpreted and what was the advice? This is a fascinating and large topic! It’s also one that has no shortage of opinions and debate. There are extreme views on both sides of the meaning of[…]

Barefoot footwear experiment

Barefoot Footwear Experiment

Take a look at this barefoot footwear experiment.We are fascinated by the connections between our vitality and our movement quality. This – of course – has many factors related to it. But today we consider the influence of our footwear. This – of course – in itself is a relatively complex consideration. So let’s keep[…]