Testimonial – 4 Years of UTIs and Bladder Health Challenges

Here’s Alex’s Testimonial
“I started working with Jack to alleviate some constant UTI and bladder symptoms I was having.
During the 4 months we worked together I gained so much more than relief to my bladder. I learnt how to look after myself to a higher standard and maintain life with full vitality.
We worked together and Jack became almost a life coach in that he guided the tweaks to nutrition, how to improve energy levels, sleeping habits and just support in making the right decisions for my health.
As a Pilates Instructor setting up a new business this not only improved my personal life, but my work life as well. The knowledge and skills I picked up in the 4 months I was working with Jack are now in my ‘tool box’ for life!”
Alex didn’t wait until the ‘perfect’ time to start the program. She was busy starting a new business. But that didn’t stop her. In fact it seemed to focus her and create a drive towards her goals.
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