Left Knee Pain

Left Knee Pain

Let’s take a look at a client case of left knee pain in clinic. What would you do? You’re experiencing chronic knee pain or you’re a Practitioner who helps people solve knee pain. What steps would you take? There are many different ways to achieve success in this case.  There are many valid assessments, therapies,[…]

Running a Blood Chemistry Analysis

Running a Functional Blood Chemistry

We run a functional blood chemistry analysis with every single client.   Whether their challenge is chronic pain, fatigue, gut, hormone levels and cycles, cognitive etc – it’s one of the most important tools in the toolbox.   The level of insight you can get is quite phenomenal.   Yet – many people we worked[…]

Digestive Infection Recovery

CASE STUDY: Abbi’s Digestive Infection

Here’s an excerpt from Abbi’s case study:   [https://functionalhealthclinic.co.uk/abbis-digestive-infection-recovery-case-study/]   When Abbi first contacted us she was 22 and had been suffering from a long list of symptoms for about 18 months, without improvement, since going travelling.   “I am a 22 year old Australian girl living away from home in London. After months of[…]