CBC Metabolic Panel

Here is a Metabolic Panel…….. Or more specifically – a ‘comprehensive functional analysis’ ….. of a Metabolic Panel!
Put simply – there’s just too much potential and insight in blood testing, for you to miss an opportunity and not squeeze the value out of it.
If you are going to literally take the blood out of your body and submit it for analysis in the lab – then why not ensure it’s worth it?
Why do so many people feel so disconnected to their blood tests?
Have you ever run a blood test with too few markers, or it all comes back ‘normal’ and you are none the wiser, or it just left you mystified and disempowered?
Well, now you can make it part of your process.
Can it educate you about how your body is performing?
How can it help you achieve your goals?
Can solve challenges that you are facing with the insight?
Take a look at the number of markers on this Metabolic Panel part of the test that are ‘Outside the Optimal Range’!
This tells us a great deal about what may be going on at a Functional level in the body. Imagine if this person didn’t acknowledge what they could now do with this information and apply it towards specifically optimising:
– dietary choices
– digestive capacity
– how to hydrate effectively
– liver health
You’re allowed to be part of the process.
The process can be empowering rather than disempowering.
It’s ok to run a test and wonder how it can inform you a little, or a lot.
Ask yourself how are your tests and assessments ‘part’ of what you are trying to achieve.
Work cohesively with your support team/practitioners to create more clarity – not confusion.
A comprehensive blood test would have a Metabolic Panel similar to this, but would also ideally usually include a Blood Count, Lipid Panel, Iron Panel, Thyroid Panel and additional markers like Vitamin D, C-Reactive Protein, Vitamin B12, Folate and a few more.
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