Movement Series – A Balanced Approach

Maybe and hopefully this is all quite obvious! That movement is important.   Yet – what we often observe through the clients we work with, enquiries we receive and challenges people are facing is that there are many extreme and ineffective approaches to how Movement could be applied to support the process.   That’s where[…]

Metabolic Panel

CBC Metabolic Panel

Here is a Metabolic Panel…….. Or more specifically – a ‘comprehensive functional analysis’ ….. of a Metabolic Panel! Put simply – there’s just too much potential and insight in blood testing, for you to miss an opportunity and not squeeze the value out of it.   If you are going to literally take the blood[…]


Pre-Symptoms – CASE STUDY

Let’s look at Alphie’s Pre-Symptoms. The Chronic Health Challenges he was experiencing before he started to work with us here at the Functional Health Clinic. It’s hard to imagine how it would feel to be experiencing all of these symptoms quite constantly and all together. Some of these are quite severe and debilitating. Certainly having quite[…]

Movement Series Why Move

Movement Series – Why Move?

  ‘Movement’ – one of the pillars of human function and therefore health.   Read the full article here:   As humans, we are made for movement. Each and every aspect of our physiological, physical, anatomical and psychological function is related to our capacity to move.   The body is a system of systems[…]