Post Symptoms Ulcerative colitis

Case Study – Robert’s Post Symptoms

Post Symptoms Whilst his journey continues, in the 1 year we worked together versus his prior 24 year battle, he made some great progress and is well on his way.  Most importantly, he now has full control, he’s taken the reins and has the skills to put the steps in place as his body continues[…]



Why is the modality of ‘Nutrition’ so popular? This may seem like a strange question, but I think it’s worth not assuming something has value solely based on it’s popularity. In the health realm it’s clearly dominant as a topic.  It occupies practitioners, qualifications, courses, authors, books, websites, online programs, daily conversations, opinions, research, institutions[…]

Case Study Sudden Onset

CASE Study – A Sudden Onset

Here’s an excerpt from Alphie’s full Case Study (which you can read here). When working 1-1 with our clients we always thoroughly review the health history and timeline of events.  Reflecting on this, Alphie described the moment (18 years earlier) that he suddenly started to experience an agonising stomach pain one day in class at[…]