Minimal Supplementation [Case Study excerpt]

Minimal Supplementation over 6 Months

It’s worth noting that across the whole 6 month program, Martin only used a total of 3 supplements.  So – the list of completely alleviated and  improved health challenges was achieved primarily with lifestyle, nutrition, structural, movement, perception and behaviour changes.

This is important to emphasise to demonstrate what can be done.

(The full case study is written up here)

Especially when a lot of what I observe as a Practitioner is a very supplement-focussed approach in many Functional Medicine practices and courses/qualifications.

Just because a marker comes back ‘high’ or ‘low’ on a functional lab test – does not necessarily mean that the only available solution is in capsule form! The products aren’t specifically more appropriate or effective than applying a different type of strategy to create the desired change.

Whilst the supplements and products have great value – they don’t need putting up on the pedestal!

Doing that is one of the quickest ways of disempowering other methods and creating an instant low ceiling of potential.

Absolutely not something we want to do!

You can find out more about what Martin did do here:

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