Balanced Approach to Medication [Case Study]

This was an interesting aspect of Alphie’s journey. Let’s look at how he took a balanced approach to medication.

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Alphie had been taking PPIs (Proton Pump Inhibitors) for 18 years. 

They’d been a valuable tool in the tool box in managing his debilitating Acid Reflux.

Yet – they’d pretty much been the only tool he’d been using. 

He felt quite stuck. Between a rock and a hard place. Over the years he’d had the understandable desire to not need his medications anymore. 

But this goal is not always so simple to achieve.

As Alphie found out. 


His prior attempts to come off his PPI medication had been very challenging, short-term and ultimately unsuccessful.  These attempts appeared to be quite chaotic, random, uncoordinated and extreme (Alphie will testify to this)!

This was all before we worked together. 

Let’s clarify – I’m a Functional Health Practitioner and not a licensed medical practitioner, so do not diagnose, treat or prescribe.  I simply assess function and consider what changes could enhance it (nutrition, movement, structural alignment, environmental etc).

So, even though Alphie wanted to reduce the Lansoprazole Proton Pump Inhibitor Medication, that was not my role or the direct focus for us. He was advised to keep communicating with his GP regarding any medication changes.

(Side Note – Slightly strangely his GP had not seemed concerned about the long-term effects of PPI usage, which has well established effects and concerns).

We needed to focus on other questions that would teach us about the function of his body and in particular his digestive function.


Have you been in a similar situation and able to relate to this?

In the past there seemed to be a cyclic pattern of being on the medications to manage pain, resenting them, wanting to be off them, stopping them completely, the pain intensity increasing again and so on.

He identified that the driver for this behaviour was his perception and resentment of the PPI medication.  From almost two decades of ill health, pain and frustrations with his health he felt his brain was wired to focus on all the downsides and drawbacks of the meds.

He couldn’t remember the last time he felt appreciative or thankful for any of the support or benefits they had provided!

Hence why he had such an extreme on-and-off relationship with them and wasn’t able to focus on putting a more grounded and balanced process in place. A more balanced approach to medication. 

Once he’d rewired this aspect, he now created a plan and a structure that he could implement and move towards his goal and begin to solve his health challenges.

A pivotal move in this case. 

Get in touch if you can relate.


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