Organic Acids Lab Test

The Organic Acids Lab Test measures 76 urinary metabolic markers that are highly useful in discovering the underlying causes of chronic illness.

It is a pioneering test that very few people have ever considered running to understand their function. There’s an enormous potential of information here to help understand so much more about how different systems and functions are performing in the body.

Organic Acids Lab Test

On one hand, it’s a specialist test, that only a select few Laboratories have researched into to provide the best marker profiles for practitioners and patients.

Yet – on the other – The Organic Acids Lab Test is really just insight into some fundamental functions of the body, that could be considered as almost basic and good practice to investigate!

For this reason this is one of the most frequently run Functional Lab Tests at the Functional Health Clinic.

There are many who would benefit from this insight.  The Functional Approach is always concerned with assessing ‘function’ and ascertaining whether the optimal blueprint for it is being expressed in the body. Hence, whenever we identify anything that is sub-optimal, imbalanced and/or dysfunctional – it is key to understand it and consider an intervention.  The goal is therefore always to enhance the function.

This is of course, quite broad!

So, in general the type of situations it supports in the Functional Health Clinic are Chronic Health Challenges related to:






 Detoxification and Toxicity


Read more about this fascinating test here:

  • What are Organic Acids?
  • Intestinal Microbiome Markers
  • Mitochondrial Function
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Nutrient Status
  • Detoxification Pathways
  • and more…

Wondering if this could be valuable for you and solving any chronic health challenges?

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You might also find the following Client Case Study insightful.  The Organic Acids Lab Test was pivotal in:

  1. Understanding why they felt the way they did (Causes).
  2. What they could do about it (Solutions).

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