Balanced Approach to Medication

Balanced Approach to Medication [Case Study]

This was an interesting aspect of Alphie’s journey. Let’s look at how he took a balanced approach to medication. [The Full Case Study is here] Alphie had been taking PPIs (Proton Pump Inhibitors) for 18 years.  They’d been a valuable tool in the tool box in managing his debilitating Acid Reflux. Yet – they’d pretty[…]

Calprotectin and Secretory IgA Test

Calprotectin and secretory IgA

If you are already interested in Gut Health and ways to understand the function of your digestive function – then I’m sure you’ll be interested in a couple of markers called Calprotectin and Secretory IgA.   What could be the significance of these markers coming back on your Gut Health Test?   High Secretory IgA[…]

Organic Acids Lab Test

Organic Acids Lab Test

The Organic Acids Lab Test measures 76 urinary metabolic markers that are highly useful in discovering the underlying causes of chronic illness. It is a pioneering test that very few people have ever considered running to understand their function. There’s an enormous potential of information here to help understand so much more about how different[…]

Low Potassium

Low Potassium [CASE STUDY]

Let’s focus on the Low Potassium marker on this Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. It’s just one marker on one test and we’d really need to put it in context with everything we know about the whole person. But this was quite pivotal for Robert’s Case Study. Hair tests aren’t interpreted in the same way as other tests[…]

Probiotic Infatuation

Probiotic Infatuation

Is it always wise to consume probiotic foods and supplements? This is a bit of a weighted question. ……and the short answer is “no it is not always wise”. Let’s consider some elements of probiotic infatuation, as there is no such thing as a ‘good’ bug that will give you a guaranteed desired outcome. So[…]

Restore Phase


Restoration – the pinnacle of the HRP! So far we’ve reflected, revealed, rewired and rebalanced and now it is time to capitalise and truly express the blueprint of health and function – with the RESTORE Phase. Here’s the complete overview of the R-Phases: Through a diligent, informed, considered, balanced, connected, individual and aware process so far[…]

Brooke Food as Medicine

TESTIMONIAL – Food As Medicine

Brooke’s case was a great example of using Food as Medicine! When she first contacted us, her health challenges were not only impacting her physical wellbeing. They were affecting the quality of life on many levels.  It was fantastic to hear from Brooke sometime after we completed her program to hear that she had been[…]

18 Years of PPIs

18 Years of PPIs [Case Study]

Imagine being in Alphie’s situation, having been taking Proton Pump Inhibitors for 18 years! Alphie was in his early thirties when he started the 1-to-1 Health Restoration Program. He’d had a healthy childhood, but since the age of 13-14 and for the next 18 years he’d been taking Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) to help him manage[…]

Low Secretory IgA

Low Secretory IgA

Secretory IgA, or sIgA, is a class of antibodies produced by and secreted from mucosal surfaces, especially the GI and respiratory tracts. In the gastrointestinal epithelium, sIgA is the first line of defense against the entry of enteric toxins and pathogenic organisms from the colon. When sIgA is Low – This could be a sign[…]