TESTIMONIAL // Acid Reflux, H pylori and Nutrition

Marcelino had been struggling with his health with acid reflux and various symptoms for 8 years.

We worked together for 4 months with some impressive dedication! Marcelino’s strength seemed to be drawn from his previous athletic experiences, from when he was a professional cyclist.

We pulled together an approach and he solved the acid reflux, digestive infection, bloating, poor sleep and more.  Marcelino certainly attributes a lot of his success to the changes to nutrition.  

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I was researching stomach problems because I was having a lot of them. Specifically acid reflux and I started to suspect H. Pylori.

At that moment I had visited every Doctor in my city, Barcelona and they just told me that I had some “genetic” tendency to have acid reflux and related problems. To me this was really lacking sense because I had never previously experienced the symptoms before.

It all started when I was racing cycling at a professional level.  I was focused on the competitive weight loss goal and started to care less about my nutrition, severely restricting calorie intake.

This was a very bad decision and I started to get all kinds of illnesses that I’d never had before.  When feeling so weak, the straw that seemed to break the camel’s back was some seafood poisoning traveling to Latin America.  After that I never really recovered and the symptoms just increased.

Thankfully, on the coaching program I was taught about the importance of the food we put into our system, the nutrients, vitamins and minerals our body needs in order to repair. I also understood the ability to balance the nutrition alongside the exercise demands.

We made small changes every week. I started to cook my own food. My skills have improved and I enjoy cooking now. Jack was very supportive all the time and had a lot of patience with me, which I tremendously appreciate. Our relationship became like a coach-athlete, responding very fast to see the best change to keep achieving our goals.

Three weeks in and I had more energy. A surprised because it was the first time in years. I recovered my natural sleep cycle which I’d lost. From that point my wellbeing soared. I think this is the future of the medicine!

Marcelino Tusell, Barcelona, Spain

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