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We could summarise the following by stating there’s a Balance to reach regarding functional lab testing

There’s undoubtably a great opportunity for insight with the many and myriad of tests that someone could run. Whether that’s delving into gut health, immune and inflammatory mechanisms, nutrient status, mitochondrial function, detoxification pathways, hormonal balance and so on……….

A few years ago these options were just not there and certainly not as accessible. Building on all the research and developments in all these areas of health it is empowering that these tools have been created and pioneered. We can harness them to answer more of the questions around:

1 – Why we feel the way we feel.

2 – What we can do about it.

You can take a look at 3 of the key functional lab tests we consider when working with clients around the Globe.


Yet – just because we can, does that mean it’s always wise to?

At The Functional Health Clinic we receive many enquiries about the lab tests we could run.  Our approach is built on focussing on what is required and would bring value and what is priority.

And that does not necessarily mean running test after test after test.

In fact that can often be the person’s situation that leads them to contact us.  Too much testing and not enough application and squeezing the value out of the information that they already have.

Ultimately this is usually due to putting functional medicine or functional lab testing up on a pedestal of some kind. An infatuation of sorts, that is usually accompanied by inflated expectations, that could often impact the outcomes, success and even be distracting to the whole process of achieving the actual health goal!

Therefore, as wise(ish) folk say – less really is often more.

But even wiser folk say – less really is often more, except when it’s not enough.

And that’s the point.  Can you find a balance of which testing to run, why, with who and when?

There are many people who come to us and describe some incredibly chronic health challenges. Their timeline of the last few years and even decades is full of an equally incredible amount of effort and resources that have been spent on trying to solve the ‘pain’.  Changes in diet, eliminating foods, exercise programs, cleanses, fasting, juicing, retreats, supplement protocols for this and that etc, etc. 

All of which has a place, has its advantages and can even be necessary.

There is most definitely not a lack of motivation in these situations.

But the disadvantages are that it’s somewhat unguided and essentially driven by guesswork and one-size-fits-all steps.  Scratch the surface a little bit and we usually see various dogmas as the driving force (for another discussion).

So has there been the wisest investment of the resources (time, money, energy) so far?

We prefer to reveal more insight first, which can guide the decisions of ‘what’ and ‘when’.

Here’s where some carefully selected functional labs can really make the difference. What if we found out some individual insight about how the various functions and systems in our body were performing?  What if two people’s pain or symptoms had two very different driving forces and causes? What if you could identify which individual nutrient deficiencies were worth addressing?  What if you could assess the different aspects of gut function like digestive capacity, pathogens, microbiome, immune function and inflammatory levels – and address them accordingly?

The question is whether we can really engage and truly endeavour to put a real process in place. Yes, Functional Labs can be included, but no, they’re not the be-all-and-end-all to achieve the health goal.

Actually, thankfully, there are many more opportunities beyond Functional Medicine and Lab Testing. Your (and our) job is to utilise them skilfully and master the process, art and science of healing. 

Thanks for reading and let us know if you have any questions,


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