Coccyx Release and Knee Pain….Case Study Excerpt

[….Case Study Excerpt]

The Coccyx is located at the very bottom of the spine (the ‘tail bone’) and it can be very influential with regards to pain and function on many levels.  If you’ve every ‘slipped and banged’ your coccyx you will know how tender and bruised it can be.  Yet – it can still be involved in dysfunction even if it does not ‘hurt’ and has recovered.

Assessing and identifying it’s involvement is fundamental if we want to get to the root cause of some presentations of pain and dysfunction.

One of Martin’s chronic joint pains of many years was left knee pain.  It would cause discomfort specifically on certain movements like walking upstairs and when squatting or lunging.

Even though the pain was in his left knee, during one appointment we identified a functional short right leg.  The coccyx anatomy and connective tissues were identified with asymmetry, with greater tension on the tissues of the right sided attachments.  We released these tissues and this immediately corrected the leg length discrepancy, which had now become equal.

Improved postural balance and alignment is great – but this also proved to be the solution for the chronic left knee pain and enhanced his movement.  Once again – no actual moves made anywhere near his left knee!

[….Case Study Excerpt]

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