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SCAR RELEASE – On a 40 year old Injury

Martin had a scar on the heel area of his right foot.  He had absolutely no pain in this area and no obvious link between it and any of his health challenges. [CASE STUDY Excerpt…..]  He hadn’t really given it much thought for approximately forty years, since he was 16 years old, when at the[…]


TESTIMONIAL // Jane’s Helicobacter Pylori and Acid Reflux

Working with folks like Jane and her daughter was a great example of just how individual each person’s situation can be. Even when working with similar findings! As Jane describes, there were some tricky adjustments and plenty of hard work, but she was able to successfully achieve her health goals.   Part of this adjustment,[…]


HRP Phase 2 – REVEAL

REVEAL – ‘Assess for Success’ Building on a greater understanding and appreciation of how our bodies function – the second phase of the HRP process is to gain individual insight and clarity into why you feel the way you feel. It is often the case that by the time somebody seeks out a Functional Approach to[…]


Functional Medicine – Are you Grounded?

Functional Medicine is one of the modalities in play here at the Functional Health Clinic. It’s of great value and offers progressive ways of gaining insight about the function of your body and its systems. You can read a myriad of client case studies where it’s been utilised significantly here: It’s a great tool[…]


Coccyx Release and Knee Pain….Case Study Excerpt

[….Case Study Excerpt] The Coccyx is located at the very bottom of the spine (the ‘tail bone’) and it can be very influential with regards to pain and function on many levels.  If you’ve every ‘slipped and banged’ your coccyx you will know how tender and bruised it can be.  Yet – it can still[…]