TESTIMONIAL // Ervin’s Metabolic and Biochemical Optimisation

Well we certainly have at least one advocate for Functional Medicine in North Carolina, USA!

Ervin worked through many diligent assessments and interventions to achieve some great results.  Here’s his full Testimonial and I look forward to providing more details on his Case Study soon.

Ervin (North Carolina, USA)  | Ervin’s Metabolic and Biochemical Assessment and Optimisation

I’ve been working with Jack for a few years and he’s helped me make significant improvements to my health. I decided to begin the program ago when I began to experience severe exhaustion and fatigue that didn’t improve with sleep or rest. It was a very frightening condition to be in and I was forced to stop working.

I went to many doctors and I did many tests, but no one had any idea as to what might be going on. Jack’s program offered hope for me in the form of a pathway to help my body heal.  The process of healing has been a lengthy one, but I feel significantly better now.

I feel a great deal of it has to do with Jack’s ability to guide the healing process, which is something that regular doctors simply were unable to do. The health care system, at least in the US, is not designed to work in such a way. I’m grateful that I was able to find and work with Jack.

There are many great things about Jack’s approach. First, his guidance is not based on guessing – it’s based on running assessments to achieve insight on metabolic function.  The added benefit of this approach is that the assessments can be repeated after a certain time to gauge if there’s been progress. These tests are incredibly detailed, and, I believe, significantly more thorough than many of the tests I could do with my regular doctor.

 Also, Jack is very knowledgeable about human biochemistry and how metabolism works. I always thought that I knew a good deal about human metabolism, but Jack’s knowledge of how it can be optimized, is probably well beyond that of many other experts. Jack is also very thorough and patient with his explanations and he can go into as much detail as one likes. After having worked with Jack, I wish that the family doctors that I’ve had throughout my life were as knowledgeable, thorough, and meticulous as he’s been

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