TESTIMONIAL // Irina’s Integrated Hormonal Balance Connection

Hormonal BalanceIrina was only a client for 3 months, yet it feels like we could write a whole book on the intricacies and connections of the impact and improvements to her wellbeing and vitality.  Especially her integrated hormonal balance connection.

Read Irina’s testimonial below to hear how she finally pushed her health forward after 17 years of chronic symptoms.  To find out more of her story please read her Extended Case Study.

Irina (Newcastle, UK)  | Irina’s Integrated Hormonal Balance Connection

After decades of struggling with many symptoms, guessing, ignoring, visiting doctors that told me that I’m alright and it’s all in my head – I said STOP! No more! I’m not getting anywhere and I am just a living zombie.

I was experiencing hormonal imbalances, low libido, irregular periods, feeling moody to the point when my family didn’t know what to do with me, pain during intercourse, poor concentration, low energy levels, feeling unsatiated from food, food intolerances, bones pain especially knees, unable to loose body fat, constant tummy pain and moving heavily!

So, I sat down with myself and as relaxed as I could, asked my intuition what else can I do? Who’s help can I ask for? What really do I need? And it led me to Jack. 🙂

Everything felt right. It finally felt like it was the right choice and one of the best choices I have made in my life. It was worth every penny. After few months of working 1 to 1 with Jack and following some ridiculously simple but very effective steps that he recommended, my symptoms started to fade away and I could see and feel day by day how my organs are gaining back their functionality.  And how I am becoming stronger and stronger.

My family could see a significant improvement and I could finally have a better relationship with them and be my normal self. He has been such a good and patient guide and I am forever grateful, appreciating all his years of expertise. I took away precious information from him that I still apply today and know I will use it for the rest of my life.

I believe that the world needs more people like Jack that practice this approach. That know that the body is a system of systems and one needs to take it as a whole in order to make it functional. I am blessed to have worked with him!”

Read the Extended Case Study.

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