Book Your 1-to-1 Gut Health Clinic Day

March 2019 – Gut Health Clinic Day Availability

You can now book your clinic day to investigate your digestive or gut health challenges. There are only two spots and these next dates are in March.

More information and Booking:

The day is completely individual, 1-to-1 and in a private clinic space.

Functional Health Clinic Newcastle
Functional Health Clinic – Newcastle upon Tyne

Gut Healing therapies

The whole day will be spent focussing on Assessment and Solutions. Here are the four key gut healing therapies that we will use:

Gut healing therapies

One reason why you’ll need to book a few weeks in advance is because you will be running a Comprehensive Digestive Health Test. As soon as the results are back from the lab we schedule your clinic day.

Contact me with any questions and for more information about the Gut Health Clinic Day visit:

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