When Bob contacted me he was frustrated at the fact that despite all the information and advice out there, he was still struggling to solve a decade of gastritis, abdominal pain and a whole host of related symptoms and health challenges.

Bob was 76 at the time and he did a fantastic job of demonstrating what can be achieved to reclaim vitality and wellbeing.

Read Bob’s testimonial below and to hear more of his story please read his Expanded Case Study here.

Bob (New Jersey, USA)  | Solving a Decade of Gastritis and Abdominal Pain

For 10 years I was trying to figure out what could give me relief of digestive symptoms that had overtaken my life.  Was it what I ate or didn’t eat that was making me feel so poorly or a supplement that would solve these issues? Could all these symptoms be linked: gastritis, gas, bloating, excessive burping, abdominal pain, low back pain, sleep disturbances and sweet cravings? Frustratingly, I could find lots of information on the Internet, but didn’t know if it was correct for me and after much investigation, I finally found the work of Jack Walton and after studying this material I believed that this method could help, and it did!

The key to my success to attain a healthy digestive system was only due to the personal guidance enabled me to reach my goals. Jack is an intelligent, competent, nonjudgmental, caring professional and after reviewing my health history he explained that all areas of the body and these symptoms are linked, and that he thought my vicious cycle could be reversed.

Based on lab test work and case review we followed a weekly strategy to optimize my nutrition, provide anti-microbial and liver support, improve digestion and balance hormones. The ultimate goal was to equip me with skills to create change and enable me to monitor progress. Goal met! Jack gave me the power to be confident about my health and all that he taught me is now part of my life.

I would like to thank Jack for walking me through this program for my gut health and for all the things that “popped up” during our time together. I sincerely appreciate his time, expertise, compassion, kindness, and care and plan on checking in with him in the future.  I am most grateful for all Jack did for me.

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