Would you like to join me for a full day, 1-to-1 in clinic to delve deeper into solving your gut and digestive health challenges?

Work with me in Newcastle upon Tyne, where we will use Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Bodywork and Movement to identify the causes of why you feel the way you feel and the steps you can put in place to enhance your wellbeing.

To give you more idea of what this entails, these are the elements that will be covered.  It is subject to change based on your individual requirements and flexible to focus on your specific goals:

  • Assessment of your Health Challenges and Interpretation in Functional Health context.
  • Physical Assessments of Movement, Posture, Alignment and BodyReading.
  • Designing your Movement Program.
  • Bowen Technique myo-fascial session related to Gut Function.
  • Functional Medicine Laboratory Testing Review and Plan.
  • Functional Medicine Protocol solutions (eg Digestive, Detoxification, Nutrient Status Health).
  • Customising your Nutrition for healing.
  • Analysis and Discussion on Lifestyle.
  • Developing Creative Behaviours for the healing process.
  • A few bonus items for your home program and accelerated healing strategies (e.g. foam roller and epsom salts).

Check out the link below and more details on directions and preparing for the day will be provided on enrolment.

Functional Gut Health Day

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