Guess vs Assess – Don’s Testimonial

Today we’ll look at Don’s experience of improving his health when he stopped guessing and started assessing.

The ‘Reveal’ phase of the Health Restoration Program is all Program_Overviewabout using the right diagnostics to get valuable insight into what is causing chronic health challenges. I worked with Don (72) in 2015 for 3 months
to help him alleviate his 35-year stomach discomfort and constant sciatic pain, integrating several methods as part of the program (Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Bodywork and Movement).

Here’s Don’s experience in his own words. Not all results are achieved as quickly as Don’s but it is an inspiring example of what can be done when you reveal the cause:

Check out his Testimonial below and then read more about the Health Restoration Program Overview here.

Don (North Carolina, USA)  |  48hrs to Alleviate 35yrs of Digestive Health and Sciatic Pain

My experience with Functional Medicine Practitioner Jack Walton was nothing short of remarkable. After years of searching for answers to my ongoing digestive problems, I followed Jack’s advice to take a simple at-home test. When the results returned Jack advised me to take a single action that would change my life for the better within 48 hours. That was the beginning of a most remarkable program with Jack leading me all the way. The information I gleaned during that time has been instrumental in improvements to my overall health that were wonderful. When I consider the costs they are minuscule when compared to what I have spent with all but useless mainstream medicine, it is my advice to anyone considering working with Jack that you run, not walk, to your computer and sign up.

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