Program Overview – Abbi’s Testimonial

We’ve been looking at the Program Overview as illustrated here.

I worked with Abbi in 2013 and the program that we put in place isProgram_Overview a great example of working through the Steps 1 to 5 (Reveal, Rebalance, Reboot, Rewire, Restore, Revitalise, Reflect) whilst integrating various methods together (Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Bodywork and Movement).

I’ll keep it brief today and further expand on this as a case study soon, but we started with a digestive health test to identify exactly what was causing Abbi’s symptoms.  Applying Nutrition changes, Lifestyle modifications, Functional Medicine Protocols and Exercise and Movement Programs we were able to achieve everything Abbi set out to and more.

Check out her Testimonial here and then read more about the Health Restoration Program Overview here.

Abbi (London, UK)  |  Optimising Health following digestive infection whilst Travelling

Jack guided me to get my body to it’s optimal state, which I can say feels fantastic. At the age of 22, after travelling around the world I was suffering with many symptoms that were effecting everyday life. I searched for answers for a long time before I was introduced to functional medicine and we ran the diagnostics. It looked like a long road ahead to optimise my health. However Jack helped me using his thorough knowledge of functional medicine and nutrition and we started to get my body on track again. Over time, I felt more & more healthier & happier within myself. I can’t thank Jack enough. Not only did we clear the H-Pylori, but he also taught me so much about my body that I can hold onto forever and put in place whenever I need. Thanks Jack. I appreciate your time & the effort you put into this.

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