If the conventional approach to solving your Chronic Pain has been unsuccessful so far, it's time to take full advantage of the Functional Health Approach.

Learn 3 Key Strategies to begin immediately, uncover the root cause of and alleviate your pain.

Finally achieve clarity and take control of your vitality.
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Chronic Pain Patient and Bowen

“When I first came across The Bowen Technique I was skeptical. How could something so non-invasive and subtle be of any use! Particularly as I had been in such a lot of back pain for about 6months. Yet – within a week my pain had reduced by 50% and after two sessions, for the first time in many months, I actually had days where I forgot about my back and leg pain ailments that had kept me from enjoying my life for so long. After just four sessions I felt great – No pain, not even any stiffness. Apart from the treatment itself, the manner in which Jack delivered the sessions and the advice given makes this the best experience I’ve had of a health treatment by far. And believe me. I’ve tried everything!”

John K, Durham UK.

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